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Revolution Of The Mind



revolution of the mind


by the author of  :

” Revolution Of The Mind 

Or Consciousness Beyond The Psychological Pain “-

DR. Anatoli Georgiev Gradinarov

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                      Welcome To The World Of Metaphysical Science !

                      Learn To Overcome The Limitations Of Your Mind 

  • overcoming trauma and increased feelings of depression , anxiety and isolation
  • overcoming fears
  • Improvement in relations with co-workers , friends , family and most important with yourself
  • Increase in personal magnetism
  • Achieving higher level of optimism about yourself and your life
  • More positive attitude in reaction to daily events
  • Being in control of conditions rather than having conditions control you
  • More flexible and adaptable thinking to daily circumstances
  • Increase sense that your mind and thoughts are more creative
  • Sensing inspirations that can move your life foreword
  • Ability to realize and take advantage of the opportunities
  • Increased awareness of the real motivations of others
  • Being more accepted by others


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