How To Control Your Mind?

how to control ourmind

How to control you mind? Our educational system teaches us so many useless things, but almost nothing about human nature. We don’t know why humans act in a certain way and we don’t know absolutely anything about emotions and thoughts. And above all, we aren’t taught how to be happy and to enjoy ourselves.

We connect our minds with the sense of ‘who we are’, and we believe that what the mind perceives is the reality. Humans never doubt their perceptions, and they don’t even think that there is a way to learn how to control our mind. The mind is a powerful tool and can be very useful or it can create a real hell in one’s life. But let’s go deeper into this.

Man is a territorial animal with a strongly developed sense of territory which he feels as his Self. These territories can be seen everywhere where there is a sense of Self: my country, my family, my football team and so on. This perception of possession can easily create a reaction in order to defend the sense of an I. Just like every territorial animal we protect unconsciously the territory, without realizing that in most cases with a man the territories are mental and do not exist in the real world.

Humans are the only animals which filter the real world through a belief system. Is a belief a real thing if you cannot touch it or see it? We never question our beliefs. It doesn’t matter the obvious fact that 7 billion people have differences in their belief systems we are certain that exactly we know the truth. Realizing this illusion gives the answer to the question how to control your mind.

The mind of the Self is always judging if a man or event might be harmful or beneficial to him. This is why we are analyzing everything if contradicts to our beliefs, knowledge, personal happiness, prosperity and absolutely everything which is connected to the Sense of Self. If something is harmful to the mental image which we have created in our mind we start to perceive our sense of Self as a victim. We can be really cruel as well if we believe we are protecting this inner sense of self. We can be really cruel at work, we can be really cruel in the society or even in our relationships. The reaction coming from the sense of pride will be reaction aiming to create pain-to punish everybody around us and even us. All the sadness in human life, all the jealousy, anger, hate, depression, anxiety can be seen on a bigger scale in the history of the humanity. Wars, exploitation, inequality are existing in the world since time being and all this is nothing but a perception. This perception can be changed. In order to achieve this, I say: You need to learn how to control your mind!

There is nothing scary in what is happening in the world, the scary thing is what is actually happening within us. Let’s go deeper into what is called self-awareness!

If you see your thought when it appears, you are no longer the thought but the one who sees it. Then you separate yourself from this mental reality.In the same way, If you see your emotion when it arises you are no longer the emotion but the one who sees it. Then you separate yourself from that emotional reality. Can you make the connection between the emotions which you feel and the story which you are telling yourself at this moment? Maybe you feel very unhappy and blame the cruel world for what had happened to you, but let me ask you some questions! Can you notice that you are actually addicted to the story you are repeating to yourself? Observe the fact, that your brutal thoughts give you painful pleasure to be a victim in your own mind! You can witness all that and be the one who sees it but not the story. By doing this you are realizing that you are actually in control of your inner state.

There are people who had found peace in jail. They stopped creating an inner hell within them by accepting the unacceptable.Think about that! What happens in your life does not need to break you, you could rise from the psychological pain, fears and blames. YOU ARE IN CONTROL ! You are in control to drop the unhappiness. If you separate yourself from the addiction…  Be the one who sees it and then act. Do not resist, but accept and cooperate. You need to accept the way you feel and stop running from the feeling. After you accept the unacceptable, see what you can do to improve the way you feel through a conscious action.

Maybe is connected with the people in your life. Do you feel unappreciated? Change this and find yourself some new friends! You are in charge! But you need to act consciously, dropping all the need to punish and knowing that your action is aiming only improvement in your life.  How is your family treating you? It is hard to escape from a family member, but you can always find an excuse and create distance between you and the relative. Be aware with full attention to the way you feel and work to improve your environment. Change your job or even your partner if you need to! It is your life and it is only your responsibility to take care of yourself. Be aware of every feeling within you, realize it and act! Everything is possible if we change that self-pity perception and learn how to control your mind.

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